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Back into Production

We currently farm 175 acres of canyon bottoms cut out by creeks and the John Day River.  Our fields are spread out over 10 miles, utilizing water off of two reservoirs and the John Day River.  Over the past seven years we have brought 14 fields back into production and have more acreage to bring online in the years to come.  We produce alfalfa, orchard grass, and triticale hay which we feed to cows on the ranch as well as sell to neighbors for their livestock needs.  We also graze some of our hay fields during the summer and winter.  We rotate livestock quickly to help promote grass and soil health by cycling nutrients back into the soil to feed the microbes that create healthy soil and pastures.  




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Wildlife-Friendly Farming

The main purpose of our farming operation is to improve the wildlife value of our ranch while also generating revenue.  Alfalfa is used as a great draw for elk, deer, and upland birds.  We strive to farm in a wildlife friendly manner by cutting our fields during daylight hours as well as utilizing a flushing bar on our swather to flush birds and fawns away from our cutting edge to reduce accidental wildlife deaths.  We also use a no-till drill to limit soil disturbance when rotating between crops. This practice minimizes the amount of bare ground, top soil loss and soil disturbance.
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Washington Family Ranch
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