Short-Term Volunteer Needs

We are always looking for volunteers to serve at the Washington Family Ranch. Currently, there are some specific needs we are hoping to fill. The descriptions listed below are our short-term needs. Please contact us by e-mail or at (541) 489-3100 for more information about the job descriptions.

Greater Grounds Crew: We are looking for individuals who will work directly with our maintenance technician on road repairs, road drainage, weed abatement, and rodent control. They should be able to do moderate to heavy physical labor in summer heat. They should be mechanically inclined and have some experience running equipment.

Ebay & Craislist Seller: We have a variety of items that we would like to try to sell rather than just leave sitting on a shelf or throw out. This person would need to research going prices for items, list them, and then prepare them for shipping. Experience in selling items online would be helpful in this position.

Summer Office: This volunteer will work with the Administration department to help run the Canyon Summer Office. These duties include answering phones, emails, and greeting and directing drop in guests. We are looking for someone who has a welcoming personality and has great verbal and written communication skills.

Ranch Hands: Being good stewards of our 64,000 acres takes a lot of work. This volunteer would help with caring for our property by removing Junipers, building and repairing fencing, weed spraying, agricultural irrigation, and some cattle and horse work. There may also be some work maintaining and cleaning up old buildings and other areas around the ranch. Working outside in both the hot and cold should not be an issue, along with working alone or with little supervision. No ranching experience is necessary, but mechanical skills are encouraged.

Electrical Technician: This volunteer will work with our in house electrician and will be performing a wide variety of electrical related work. A strong background in electrical work is required for this position. They will need a good understanding or both line voltage and low voltage electrical applications and equipment. They will also need experience with all types of electrical related tools and equipment.

Autocad Designer: This volunteer will update our Autocad files with current as built information. They will need previous experience with Autocad, be able read construction plans, and understand site survey concepts.

Window Washer & Slide Buffer: This position will help clean windows in all the camp buildings. They will also polish and wax the waterslides at Creekside. The only skills needed for this job are attention to detail and to be able to work safely from ladders and on roofs.

Auto Body Specialist: This indivivual will prepare and paint camp vehicles. They will need to be skilled in auto body repair & painting.

Farmers: This position will assist our ranching department in growing, harvesting, and storing our hay crop. They will also help with planting our habitat plots including running all the necessary equipment. We are looking for someone who has experience on tractors and hay equipment, is mechanically inclined, and able to perform manual labor.

Pool Operator: This volunteer will be resonsible for taking and logging daily pool readings. The position will also include daily pool maintenance and chemical treatment procedures. They will need to handle contamination situations and work to keep the pools sale and clean. In order to be in this position an Oregon pool operator course will need to be completed.


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