Long-Term Volunteer Needs

We are always looking for volunteers to serve at Washington Family Ranch. Below is a list of needs that we currently have which vary from year-around to seasonal opportunities. We hope that you will consider giving some of your time whether it be short term or long term, to come labor with us in this great work. If you are interested in serving in one or more of these areas, please contact our office at (541)489-3100 or by e-mail.
Lawn Manicurist (URGENT NEED – April – November annually) Matt Sivess on Godfather.jpg
Requirements:  Must be flexible to a moving guest schedule, mechanically savvy and teachable, attention to detail, independent and self-motivated, heart to serve, can work alone for hours, and can maintain a piece of equipment.
Description of work:  The largest riding lawn mower on the property is called The God-Father, and you will be manicuring approximately 40 acres of lawn with it.  The window of time for this project is April – November annually.  Even if you are only able to give a month or 2 towards the 8 month need, that is still a big help to the Landscaping Department.  This need is for a Short Term, or Full Time Volunteer.  If you are interested, please call us at 541-489-3100.

Landscape Helpers
Requirements: Able to do moderate physical labor. Hands on/mechanically inclined.
Description of work: These individuals will work with the Landscape department mowing, performing equipment service, weed spraying, shrub pruning, etc.
IMG_3523.JPGBuilding Technicians
Requirements: Able to do moderate labor. Hands on experienced skilled handyman.
Description of work: We hope to do a better job maintaining the incredible buildings the Lord has given us. We need more skilled folks who will help us keep our buildings in great shape. These individuals will be assigned a set of buildings to oversee general maintenance on. They will perform all types of basic maintenance tasks on their assigned buildings.
Utilities Technicians
Requirements: Able to do moderate physical labor. Hands on/mechanically inclined. HVACR related certifications would be a plus, but not a requirement.
Description of work: These individuals will work with our utilities team assisting them wherever needed with servicing and maintaining the camp mechanical systems.
Journeyman Level Carpenters Volunteer Furniture.JPG
Requirements: Many years of experience in remodel work. Able to perform moderate physical labor day in and day out.  Skilled and experienced in leading a work crew and subcontractors.
Description of work: This individual will work directly under Randy Lucas performing and coordinating various remodel work.
General Construction Laborers  
Requirements: Able to perform medium to heavy labor day in and day out. Would be nice if they had some basic construction experience or at least a strong desire to learn construction.
Description of work: This individual will work on various remodel projects and assist wherever needed.
Requirements: Licensed plumber for state of Oregon preferred, but not required. Able to perform moderate labor, day in and day out. Willing and able to help with other trades when available. 
Description of work: These people will perform necessary plumbing around camp and perform other construction type work when and if plumbing projects are complete.
Automation and Controls Technicians
Requirements: Able to do moderate labor. Experienced controls technician. Distech, AX, Tridium, Lon, Echelon experience a plus but not a necessity.
Description of work:  This individual will assist our in house communication technician wiring controllers, programming Distech controllers, wiring and configuring sensors, programming webpages, troubleshooting issues. 
Communications Technicians
Requirements:  Able to do moderate labor. Experienced Telephone, Network, Computer, UHF/VHF Radio, and/or Audio-Video technician.
Description of work:  This individual will work directly with our in house communications technician doing exterior & interior cable work, component installation and troubleshooting, etc.
Greater Grounds Crew (May to August)
Requirements: Able to do moderate to heavy physical labor in summer heat. Hands on, mechanically inclined, some equipment running experience.
Description of work: These individuals will work directly with Todd Martin doing mostly road repair, road drainage, weed abatement, and rodent control.
Warehouse / Tool Crib / Inventory Supervisor
Requirements: Ability to clean, organize, inventory, order, and stock supplies. Ability to perform basic repairs on small tools (i.e. replace cords, change oil, etc.).
Description of work: This individual will stock and maintain our main warehouse and supplies. Keep our tool crib, hand tools and small equipment in good order. Assist in basic cleaning of other shops and buildings.
EBay/Craigslist Seller
Requirements: Experienced in selling things on eBay and Craigslist.
Description of work: We have accumulated a variety of items over the years that we would like to try and sell rather than just leave sitting on the shelf or throw out. This person would need to research going prices for items, list them, and then prepare them for shipping.
Ranch Hands
Requirements:  Has the ability to work outside full days in all weather conditions.  Can work alone, and with little supervision.  No ranching experience necessary but mechanical skills are encouraged. 
Description of Work:  Juniper removal with chainsaws and tree shears, barb wire fence building, mending, and clean up, weed spraying, ag irrigation, and some cattle or horse work.  This person would also work on maintaining and cleaning up old buildings and other areas around the ranch. 
Electrical Technicians
Requirements: Strong background in electrical work. Good understanding of both line voltage and low voltage electrical applications and equipment. Physical stamina to daily perform hard work. Ability and experience with all types of electrical related tools and equipment.
Description of work: This person will work directly with our in house electrician performing a wide variety of electrical related work.
AutoCAD Designer
Requirements: Proficient at AutoCAD, able to read construction plans, understands site survey concepts.
Description of work: This individual will update our AutoCAD files with current as built information.
Weed / Predator / Tree Control (April to December)
Requirements: Ability to work outdoors, comfortable using mobile spray equipment, running a chain saw, and setting predator controls.
Description of work: These individuals will assist the Outdoors department in spraying noxious weeds, removing unwanted trees, and performing predator control.
Guest Service Hosts (weekends mostly)
Requirements: Must be good with people. Must be able to think quickly and make good decisions. Good communication skills are important. Must have a good knowledge of camp operations.  Eight hour Guest Service training required. Must be willing to work weekends and evenings and monitor radio through the night.
Description of work: The property host for the guest group should be visible and available to leaders of the guest group at all times. The host should also intentionally be present and clearly seen at arrival times, registration, meals, leader meetings, large program events, soundboard training and during the final check out. The goal of the host should always be to anticipate issues and prevent problems in all areas of camp by effectively managing them before they become problems.
Guest Service / Special Program Technicians
Requirements: Able to do moderate labor. Experienced skilled handyman with eye for details.
Description of work: This individual will assist our Guest Service staff in maintaining / modifying / building from scratch items or areas related to our special program elements such as the skate park, obstacle course, mountain bikes, ropes course, go carts, etc.
Window Washers/Water Slide Buffers (March to June)
Requirements: Physical stamina for moderately hard work. Able to work safely from ladders and roofs.
Description of work: This individual will help clean windows at both camps and polish/wax the slides at Creekside Camp.
Auto and Small Equipment Mechanics
Requirements: Mechanically inclined with experience in servicing vehicles and small equipment.
Description of work: This individual will assist our mechanic in servicing and repairing all types of vehicles, small engine equipment, power tools, etc.
Housekeepers- Laundry
Requirements: Physical ability to load and unload commercial size washers and dryers.  Ability to learn our laundry machines and organize and prioritize.  A desire to serve and lead alongside interns, volunteers, and staff.
Description of work:  Helping with the cleaning of buildings around camp.  Run dirty laundry through the machines and fold clean items. 
Carpet Cleaners
Requirements:  Does not need experience, but must be physically able to operate and move carpet cleaning equipment. 
Description of work:  Cleaning of all the carpets in the Fall and Spring, and maintaining them by spot cleaning as the need arises.
Requirements: Physical ability to prep and paint both interior and exterior of buildings. Preferably these individuals would have previous experience and skills in this field. Ability to work from elevated platforms and to operate and service spray equipment.  A good eye for detail.
Description of work: Prep and paint anything and everything that needs painting or repainting.
Auto Body Specialist
Requirements: Skilled in auto body repair and painting
Description of work: This individual will prep and paint camp vehicles.
Requirements: Much experience on tractors and hay equipment.  Mechanically inclined. Great safety record.  Able to perform hard manual labor.  Happy working alone.
Description of work: This individual will assist our outdoors department in growing, harvesting, and storing our hay crop and planting our habitat plots including running all the necessary equipment.
Summer Office Volunteers
Duration: 2-3 months (middle of June – August)
Requirements: Pleasant and welcoming personality.  Great verbal and written communication skills.
Description of work: Administer front desk at WFR Canyon.  This includes answering and routing telephone calls, emails, and drop in guests.  It’s also a great opportunity to help with other administrative duties needed to facilitate the communications of camp.
Pool Operator
Duration: 5 Months (May – September annually)
Requirements:  Successfully complete state pool operator course. Physical and mental ability to perform daily pool maintenance duties.
Description of work: This person would be responsible to make sure daily pool readings are taken and logged. They would perform daily pool maintenance and chemical treatment procedures. They would handle contamination situations and generally keep one or both pools in safe clean working order. 
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