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Truly "Miles Beyond Ordinary", Washington Family Ranch is located in a remote canyon in Central Oregon, about a 30 minute drive from the small town of Antelope, OR. We've got a 12-mile driveway, part gravel road and part rough paving, so be prepared.

  • Cell phones do not work on the property and GPS is not reliable, so be sure to print out our directions​Several map programs are giving incorrect directions due to nearby road construction. Please make sure you are following our directions to camp! 
  • Also note that the last services (restaurants, gas stations, restrooms) are in Biggs, OR (1 hr 45 minutes away) oMadras, OR (1 hour away). Be sure to stop in Biggs or Madras for all the necessities before the last leg of the trip.  Watch for wildlife and breathtaking views on Muddy Road!
  • Just passing through? If you are interested in a tour of WFR facilities, please complete the form here: Tour Request Form
Local Road Conditions
Washington Family Ranch

 Washington Family Ranch asks all drivers to be cautious on area roads. Roads may be slippery when wet and may be icy early in the morning. Check weather reports. WFR is consistently warmer than surrounding areas and WFR's location report may not accurately reflect road conditions at higher elevations. Please use caution, as heavy trucks, semis and construction equipment will be on camp roads throughout the year.​
Muddy Road is bare gravel with patches of pavement. In the event of rain, please drive carefully, as the road can be slippery. The road is steep and contains several blind corners. Please drive with caution and respect any road work signs, as crews will be repairing rough patches and culverts.
Reports will be posted in the event of hazardous conditions. If you are in need of a current report, please call our office during normal business hours.
Regional Road Report Info

Driving Directions

  • Online mapping tools and personal GPS devices may not give you accurate directions to Washington Family Ranch. 
  • Use our directions when you reach Antelope.
  • Get gas in Madras or Biggs- it's your last chance!
  • Cell phones do not work on the property.
  • Need help? There is an emergency phone 4 miles down Muddy Road that will contact camp personnel.
  • Muddy Road has steep grades and blind curves.
  • Check the latest weather forecast or current conditions.​

Big Muddy Airstrip Operations 

We have been blessed with the presence of a 4,200 foot paved airstrip on the ranch. This airstrip presents some unique opportunities and unique hazards. Due to the location of our airstrip in relation to Washington Family Ranch, we only extend permission to use this airstrip to our guests through a specific approval process. This process helps to mitigate the risks involved as well as keep our insurance premiums (operating costs) at their lowest. We hope our due diligence in following this process and maintaining our standards is understandable.
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Washington Family Ranch
1 Muddy Rd
Antelope, OR, 97001

CALL US: (541) 489-3100
FAX: (541) 306-6639

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